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The Ukulele Orchestra

The Ukulele Orchestra of Bergen

We had our first real rehearsal with our new Ukulele orchestra yesterday. It is a really great group of folks, and I think we will have lots of fun! There’s two members missing in the picture; myself and Kenneth.

The orchestra is concert ready and book-able by November.  More about this later 🙂

The very first songs we started rehearsing are: Ring of Fire, Pretty Fly (for a white guy) and Radiohead’s Creep.

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Fun with Kathleen

First: “Like” Kathleen here

Then groove along and get in a good mood with the music video for “Good on me”

And then since you can’t get enough Kathleen: Check her out performing Gollum’s Song “live” at Lavoll Audio:

Then buy the single  and play it for all your friends. Yay 🙂


For those who are interested in some “behind the scenes” information: Almost all the sounds in the Gollum song are from the Steamworx library for the Alchemy synth, and they are all drowned in Valhalla Shimmer Reverb. The “cry” effects on Kathleen’s voice are made with V-Vocal inside Sonar X-1.. which only crashed about 17 times while mixing the song 🙄 Let’s hope the new patch can make the Sonar X1 more stable.

The synth parts in “Good on me”, are almost all from the FM8 synth (of course), and the song was produced from idea to final mix inside Nuendo, which is a very expensive program, but quite lovely.

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Hillbilly Airlines

An funny animated short film I made music for:

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For you walk-man only

I’ve been spending long days in the studio these days with artist Kathleen.
Kathleen ->

We are working on some seriously FUN eighties style pop tracks, and we are also attempting a little video 🙂

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