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After spending the morning and up until lunch at rehearsals for the family musical Kaptein Knurr – – (I play the part of Fishtrader Fishguts), I spent the rest of the day in the studio… and…. I _think_ I might be done with all the score music for the Lillehammer City of Friends show. – – woohoo 🙂
The show opens on Monday, so I’ve mentally prepared myself to sit all weekend and Monday morning doing fixes, tweaks and adjustments on the show.
Right now the show is almost exactly 30 minutes long, and I’ve composed around 14 minutes of new “score” music for it.

I also got around to squeezing in around 30 minutes of work on the new song with Linn Kat… this song will make your walk-man happy 🙂 Linn kat is back in the studio Tuesday to record some vocals etc… so maybe, just maybe I’ll post a little clip of the song here around Wednesday 🙂

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A day in the studio

Early today was all about an upcoming “mini” musical of City of Friends ( that will be playing in Lillehammer starting next week. I am writing all the “dramatic” music in the show, and one song I’ve produced is also in the show.
This is a fun warm-up for me, this fall I am starting writing the music for a huge musical/stage-show of City of Friends. This will be the biggest stage production in Europe when it is done! So the writing and production of the music for the grande show will be the focus of this blog 🙂 And in between I’ll post updates and videos from all the rest of the things I do in my little studio.
At around late lunch’ish today, a songwriter colleague popped by. Linn Kat and I are working on some songs, and today an 80s style pop tune was the focus. It might be slightly presentable sometime next week 🙂

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is a film producer and actress living in Berlin, and she was visiting for some work, and we had some time extra so we made this:

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Two Sonar videos

by Scott Garrigus from Digifreq. Good stuff 🙂

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and… reason 6

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