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week in review

Here’ something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, both for my own sake, and for anyone who is interested in what type of activity there is in my studio and my life as a composer and music producer.

So on Friday’s, I’ll try my very best at doing a little recap of the week.

This week has been dominated by two different theatre opening nights. Pippi and Little Shop of Horrors.

I’ve produced the music for Pippi at Fyllingsdalen Teater, and I am running the sound at Little Shop of Horrors at Cornerteateret. LSOH was a fun challenge, I came in very late in the process and had about two days to learn the show and the mixing desk. Thankfully I had help from a great guy at Bright Group (live sound superpros) at the first day!!

Thomas Valeur had to sessions in the studio this week, he is almost done with the recording of a new project, similar to this one.

I’ve also started on scoring a documentary film, and in the following week’s updates you’ll hear much more about that 🙂

And I also had a meeting with the awesome and cool folks at the theatre group Kompani Krapp. I’ll be writing music for a new project they are starting, which will be so much fun 🙂

Heidi Lambach and Chris Lund was also in the studio this week, and we did some really fun and experimental/ambient recordings.

And… not sure if I should include all the things I SHOULD have done this week but didn’t have time for.. but I really need to plan some “office” hours next week 🙂

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Pippi at Fyllingsdalen

Yet again, I’ve had the pleasure of producing music tracks for one of the theatres here in Bergen. pippi_mariell-300x200

This time it is Pippi at Fyllingsdalen Teater.

I hadn’t seen a stage production of Pippi before, so I foolishly thought “Pippi music? That’s probably fairly simple stuff”… hah!

The director of the show referred me to a swedish cast recording and wanted the same style and instrumentation as they had.

To save time, I got help from my Make Music colleague Vegard to transcribe the songs for me. Vegard is a jazz pianist, and much better equipped for the transciption task than I am. The Pippi music was much jazzier than I had foreseen.

And the music had to sound “live”, jazzy, funky, and slightly rattly… with lots of humor and energy. So I got help from two local musicians, guitarist Thomas Valeur and an energetic young saxophonist named Ingeborg Våge.

Anyways, here’s some snippets of music for you.

First is an “original” piece. Pippi does a little dance early on in the show, and they had already choreographed it before I saw it. So I filmed Pippi doing the dance, and “scored” the scene like a cartoon 🙂

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Concert in the Crypt


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Konsert med SAGN i den magiske middelalderkrypten under Nykirken. 



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