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Haap’s Musicraiser campaign reaches 10% after just 2.5 days.

So right now it seems very likely that we will reach our crowdfunding goal! Int his video I call Heidi and tell her the good news.

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Teslagrad chip-tune remix

artworks-000080128987-03x9uz-t500x500Teslagrad chip-tune remix

By Kubbi. So awesome 🙂

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Se «Haap – Musicraiser introduction video» på YouTube

Haap – Musicraiser introduction video:

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Check out @indieshuffle’s Tweet:

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Haap, Musicraiser Campaign

Haap Musicraiser

Haap, Musicraiser Campaign

This is not the official announcement, but I’m so excited about this, so here we go:

Haap, my awesome symphonic rock band with the incredible soprano Heidi Lambach, are launching a kickstarter/fundraiser campaign for our debut album “Symphonic Stories”. We have so many great rewards! This will be fun 🙂

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