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Recording Bass

Ole Marius Sandberg recording bass for “Munch Remastered”. Another awesome and super-productive day in the studio.

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This is not a string quartet

Ingeborg stopped by and played her violin for “Munch Remastered”. She will appear on a couple of tracks, including “Sjalusi” (Jealousy).

This is rather raw and unedited, but it sounds so cool I wanted to share it. This string arrangement sits very well under the vocal arrangement which is also swirly and gliding.


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First day with musicians for “Munch Remastered”

Recording Terje Isungset

Today we have had percussionist Terje Isungset in the studio.

Visit him at his site:

Not only is he one of the most unique percussionists in the world, he is an incredible jaw-harp virtuoso. He is playing jaw-harp on at least two tracks on our album, and his performance is beyond what I can describe with words. There’s a little video on my facebook page: that video is just of a warm up take for the technician (Endre B. Andersen at Spacekraft studio) to set levels etc… The performances that will be on the album are KILLER! You should be very excited about hearing hte final result 😉 I know I am!

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