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New Haap single. Such beauty.

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Brand new mix!

For the upcoming Haap album “The Gallery”, we have a brand new mix of the epic Far Away. 

We love the song, and it is a favourite of ours to perform live, but we feel that the old mix had some untapped explosive potential. So we sent it away to a mixing house in LA, and… Yes! The result is perfect.

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Recording guitar for Haap

Thomas Dahl plays the slide guitar solo.

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Folkefinansiert Fantasy-Rock

-Jaaaaaaaa! Vi klaaaaaaaaarte det!

For å nå målet vårt har vi prøvd å være veldig synlige i sosiale media. Men duoen er enige om at det kjekkeste med kampanjen, har vært all takkingen! Alle som har bidratt har fått sitt eget personlige takkebilde på facebooksiden sin.

For å nå målet vårt har vi prøvd å være veldig synlige i sosiale media. Men duoen er enige om at det kjekkeste med kampanjen, har vært all takkingen! Alle som har bidratt har fått sitt eget personlige takkebilde på facebooksiden sin.

Bergensbandet Haap jubler i dag. Da har akkurat nådd 100% med sin folkefinansieringskampanje av debutalbumet The Gallery.

All Haap-musikken er laget av artisten Heidi Lambach og komponisten/produsenten Jørn Lavoll.
-Det har vært litt stressende til tider dette her, men vi er så utrolig takknemlige for all interessen, forteller frontfigur Heidi Lambach.

Mål: €3000
– Vi er nesten helt ferdige med å skrive og spille inn musikken. Det gjenstår noen få innspillinger, samt planlegging av debutkonserten. Vi fikk et kulturgrunderstipend fra DnB og har også mottatt støtte fra Bergen Kommune. Dette har vært til stor hjelp i selve skriveprosessen. Midlene fra folkefinansieringskampanjen vil dekke mastring, trykking, coverdesign og alt det andre som hører med til en utgivelse.

– Albumet er et konseptalbum, med en dramatisk historie og karakterer som går igjen i sangene. Vi har også flere intermezzi, små historiebiter, mellom sangene. Heidi har skrevet på historien parallelt med at musikken har blitt til.
-Det er et veldig gøy “univers” å boltre seg i, sier Heidi entusiastisk. Nå begynner historien å falle på plass. Underveis har jeg ikke visst hvilken retning det skulle ta, men jeg liker å jobbe slik, det er som om jeg oppdager historien etter hvert som jeg skriver. Det blir spennende å få disse historiene til å bli en del av konsertene våre.

Kampanjen avsluttes 19. juli, så det er fremdeles mulighet til å bli med. Alle som har støttet kampanjen får albumet i midten av august, men vanlig utgivelse av albumet blir senere i høst.

Duoen kan også røpe at alle som er med i kampanjen, får en helt spesiell gave som kommer sammen med CDen. De smiler lurt, men kan ikke fortelle hvilken gave det er snakk om helt ennå….

Hør Haap’s siste singel “Avsted”:

Hør Haap live:

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Epic Fantasy Rock is coming. 1/3 Musicraiser milestone reached! YES!


Paul is one of our backers. He is a tenor from Minnesota, and in addition to the album, he has also ordered a Skype meeting with us in Haap. We are very much looking forward to hanging with Paul on Skype 🙂

We are getting a little nearer our Musciraiser campaign goal every day. There’s still 38 days left of the campaign, and having passed 1/3 already makes us feel very confident, and thankful!
The funds we are raising will go into the finalizing of the album, mixing and mastering, and also the design and printing of the physical album. We want the CD and casing to be of excellent quality, and of course we can’t make a “Fantasy Rock” album without some great cover art!

So help us reach the next big milestone: 50% 🙂

If you just want the “normal CD” you select the 20€ option, or if you just want the album as a download, select the 6€ option.
You find them here:

If the PayPal solution at Musciraiser confuses you (it shows up in Italian first), don’t be afraid to contact us and ask for help!


Jørn and Heidi / Haap

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Check out @indieshuffle’s Tweet:

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Haap, Musicraiser Campaign

Haap Musicraiser

Haap, Musicraiser Campaign

This is not the official announcement, but I’m so excited about this, so here we go:

Haap, my awesome symphonic rock band with the incredible soprano Heidi Lambach, are launching a kickstarter/fundraiser campaign for our debut album “Symphonic Stories”. We have so many great rewards! This will be fun 🙂

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Avsted – Mighty single relase from Norwegian symphonic-rock duo Haap

Avsted -  Mighty Single relase from Norwegian symphonic-rock duo Haap

Release: April 10. 2014.

Location: Everywhere digitally.

Heidi Lambach: I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and last month was a very intense concert month for me. It is nice to be back in the studio and continuing the work on Haap’s upcoming album, and I am very excited about our next single release.

What is “Avsted” about?

This song is about daring to let go of the familiar and leap into the unknown. To be able to do this, you have to be playful with your own fears. Accept that you have fears within you, but direct them so that you can be constructive with them.

What genre is the song?

This is a symphonic rock tune. The initial idea was to let the melody soar triumphantly over a dark soundscape. We use a rich palette of sounds: symphonic instruments, electronics and a complete rock band. I also play flute on the track.

Tell us about the genesis of the song:

This song travelled down many paths before it became what it is now. We were at work in the studio one day and I had to leave for an appointment. When I got back a few hours later, Jørn had sketched out a rough idea for a new song. He put it in our dropbox, and I continued working on it the next morning over breakfast, which I enjoyed outside in the sun.

Why Norwegian?

We did actually write english lyrics for this song first, but I didn’t feel that I was able to connect to or convey the song properly in english. So I decided to write new lyrics in Norwegian about something that was really important to me at that particular moment, about “letting go”.

What’s next for Haap?

We are getting close to two important milestones for Haap. The complete album will be released on August 12, but before that we will have a crowdfunding campaign with the Italian site They are expanding into the rest of the European market, and invited Haap to have a campaign with them as they start expanding. That fit so well with our plans we just couldn’t turn down the invitation. In the crowdfunding campaign, you will get to join us closely “backstage” as we continue working on towards the album release.


Get Avsted from iTunes

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Haap and SupaPass

Haap and SupaPass

So my band Haap has joined a site called Facebook is starting to get really sucky, especially for a band like ours that is very “social”. We like to stay in touch with everyone, and it is kinda depressing to see that facebook posts reach fewer and fewer of our “likers”.

So we have joined up with SupaPass, which is a much more interactive place 🙂 It is subscription based, but it is very inexpensive (and you get a month for free to test it out). And you get a good warm feeling in your belly when you support your favourite symphonic rock band 😉
In return you get hear new songs a whole month before they are released to everyone else.. you get to hang out with us at live “virtual stage” events etc etc.

SupaPass is still a fairly new platform. The site is in Beta stage so some parts of it might feel a bit unsmooth. But I met with the SupaPass CEO at MIDEM this year, and I think this “artist-support” model has a lot of potential… and it is a site run by really great folks (who are musicians themselves). So join us there!

It’s a two step process.
1. Join SupaPass
2. Subscribe to Haap
Right now the exclusive Haap song that you can only get from SupaPass is our new epic track “Avsted”.

1. Visit
2. Create your free Fan Account
3. Visit
4. Click subscribe
5. Enter code S5VU333 (in the “Promo Code” box)

Done. Easy.

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Tesla, Haap, Munch… everything

So many fun things happening all at once.

Let’s start with Teslagrad.



This incredible game will be released next week! Dec. 13 is the date. And on the same date the Official Soundtrack will be out as well (on Itunes etc). Teslagrad just got its first review in one of the largest Norwegian papers, and it scored a 5/6. And the music got a very good mention 🙂 I worked with Linn Kathrin Taklo on the music for Teslagrad, and you can read an interview with us here.

Teslagrad will be first out on PC and Mac, and later on the Wii U, playstations etc.

In Haap news: we just had a concert today, and on Sunday Heidi will be performing in Bergen’s largest concert hall. The full album is soooo close to being done, but December is as usual stuffed with all other kinds of december’y things.  But we do work constantly on the album, and will most likely release one or two more singles in January 🙂 And they will rock. And I mean ROCK.

Haap's Heidi Lambach, sucn an incredible singer and performer.

Haap’s Heidi Lambach


Munch Remastered. Bodil and I have shot video material for a little December surprise 😉 It might look a little like this:

Bodil Lunde Rørtveit - Munch Remastered video

Bodil Lunde Rørtveit – Munch Remastered video

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