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Avsted – Mighty single relase from Norwegian symphonic-rock duo Haap

Avsted -  Mighty Single relase from Norwegian symphonic-rock duo Haap

Release: April 10. 2014.

Location: Everywhere digitally.

Heidi Lambach: I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and last month was a very intense concert month for me. It is nice to be back in the studio and continuing the work on Haap’s upcoming album, and I am very excited about our next single release.

What is “Avsted” about?

This song is about daring to let go of the familiar and leap into the unknown. To be able to do this, you have to be playful with your own fears. Accept that you have fears within you, but direct them so that you can be constructive with them.

What genre is the song?

This is a symphonic rock tune. The initial idea was to let the melody soar triumphantly over a dark soundscape. We use a rich palette of sounds: symphonic instruments, electronics and a complete rock band. I also play flute on the track.

Tell us about the genesis of the song:

This song travelled down many paths before it became what it is now. We were at work in the studio one day and I had to leave for an appointment. When I got back a few hours later, Jørn had sketched out a rough idea for a new song. He put it in our dropbox, and I continued working on it the next morning over breakfast, which I enjoyed outside in the sun.

Why Norwegian?

We did actually write english lyrics for this song first, but I didn’t feel that I was able to connect to or convey the song properly in english. So I decided to write new lyrics in Norwegian about something that was really important to me at that particular moment, about “letting go”.

What’s next for Haap?

We are getting close to two important milestones for Haap. The complete album will be released on August 12, but before that we will have a crowdfunding campaign with the Italian site They are expanding into the rest of the European market, and invited Haap to have a campaign with them as they start expanding. That fit so well with our plans we just couldn’t turn down the invitation. In the crowdfunding campaign, you will get to join us closely “backstage” as we continue working on towards the album release.


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I’ve directed another choir concert. Fun times. The concept for this concert with Fyllingsdalskoret is “Soundtrack of Life”, and the concert takes you from the 70s up until today. We follow the life of the character Tone, and perform the songs that are important to her at various stages in her life.

My job has been director/choreographer. A fun task for this show with 70-80 singer, 4 dancers and a band. The first concert/show is tonight, April 4th.










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