Pippi at Fyllingsdalen

Yet again, I’ve had the pleasure of producing music tracks for one of the theatres here in Bergen. pippi_mariell-300x200

This time it is Pippi at Fyllingsdalen Teater.

I hadn’t seen a stage production of Pippi before, so I foolishly thought “Pippi music? That’s probably fairly simple stuff”… hah!

The director of the show referred me to a swedish cast recording and wanted the same style and instrumentation as they had.

To save time, I got help from my Make Music colleague Vegard to transcribe the songs for me. Vegard is a jazz pianist, and much better equipped for the transciption task than I am. The Pippi music was much jazzier than I had foreseen.

And the music had to sound “live”, jazzy, funky, and slightly rattly… with lots of humor and energy. So I got help from two local musicians, guitarist Thomas Valeur and an energetic young saxophonist named Ingeborg Våge.

Anyways, here’s some snippets of music for you.

First is an “original” piece. Pippi does a little dance early on in the show, and they had already choreographed it before I saw it. So I filmed Pippi doing the dance, and “scored” the scene like a cartoon 🙂

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