Haap and SupaPass

Haap and SupaPass

So my band Haap has joined a site called SupaPass.com. Facebook is starting to get really sucky, especially for a band like ours that is very “social”. We like to stay in touch with everyone, and it is kinda depressing to see that facebook posts reach fewer and fewer of our “likers”.

So we have joined up with SupaPass, which is a much more interactive place 🙂 It is subscription based, but it is very inexpensive (and you get a month for free to test it out). And you get a good warm feeling in your belly when you support your favourite symphonic rock band 😉
In return you get hear new songs a whole month before they are released to everyone else.. you get to hang out with us at live “virtual stage” events etc etc.

SupaPass is still a fairly new platform. The site is in Beta stage so some parts of it might feel a bit unsmooth. But I met with the SupaPass CEO at MIDEM this year, and I think this “artist-support” model has a lot of potential… and it is a site run by really great folks (who are musicians themselves). So join us there!

It’s a two step process.
1. Join SupaPass
2. Subscribe to Haap
Right now the exclusive Haap song that you can only get from SupaPass is our new epic track “Avsted”.

1. Visit http://www.SupaPass.com
2. Create your free Fan Account
3. Visit http://www.SupaPass.com/Haap
4. Click subscribe
5. Enter code S5VU333 (in the “Promo Code” box)

Done. Easy.


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