Tesla, Haap, Munch… everything

So many fun things happening all at once.

Let’s start with Teslagrad.



This incredible game will be released next week! Dec. 13 is the date. And on the same date the Official Soundtrack will be out as well (on Itunes etc). Teslagrad just got its first review in one of the largest Norwegian papers, and it scored a 5/6. And the music got a very good mention 🙂 I worked with Linn Kathrin Taklo on the music for Teslagrad, and you can read an interview with us here.

Teslagrad will be first out on PC and Mac, and later on the Wii U, playstations etc.

In Haap news: we just had a concert today, and on Sunday Heidi will be performing in Bergen’s largest concert hall. The full album is soooo close to being done, but December is as usual stuffed with all other kinds of december’y things.  But we do work constantly on the album, and will most likely release one or two more singles in January 🙂 And they will rock. And I mean ROCK.

Haap's Heidi Lambach, sucn an incredible singer and performer.

Haap’s Heidi Lambach


Munch Remastered. Bodil and I have shot video material for a little December surprise 😉 It might look a little like this:

Bodil Lunde Rørtveit - Munch Remastered video

Bodil Lunde Rørtveit – Munch Remastered video


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