“Autumn Aria”. Powerful Live EP and concert video from Norwegian symphonic-rock duo Haap. Release: November 26th

Haap - Autumn Aria - Live EP - Cover

“Autumn Aria”. Powerful Live EP and concert video from Norwegian
symphonic-rock duo Haap. Release: November 26th.

Autumn Aria is the latest EP to be released from Norwegian symphonic
rock duo called Haap. It was released on November 26th, early reports
are indicating a great response already.

Autumn Aria has been released to allow fans of Haap to enjoy the great
vocals of Heidi Lambach live. This will both showcase their talent and
show appreciation to their fans, who are primarily located in
different countries to Norway.

According to Heidi the initial idea for “Autumn Aria” was to arrange
an intimate concert, Heidi at the piano, one camera filming
everything, all in one take. No “fix it in the mix”, no gimmicks, just
natural reverb from the location they recorded in. This would be
nothing like autotune or similar anywhere near this production. Then
the plan was to release the EP and put the entire concert on YouTube.

After the release of Autumn Aria, Heidi and Haap’s composer Jørn Lavoll
have come forward and told the media:

“Heidi Lambach is such an incredible singer and I want everyone to
experience her live. But we are here in Norway and most of our fans
are in other countries. We are too busy with our debut album to tour,
so I’ve been thinking a lot about how we can show our appreciation for
all the people who have joined our musical journey so far”.

Heidi Lambach (Haap’s singer) commented:

“When Jørn told me about this idea, there were certain things that
would be very important for me. A setting like this, it is so honest
and pure. I needed to deliver a performance to match that. It was a
difficult process. I wanted to re-visit all my songs and get a sense
of what the lyrics mean to me today. Some of the lyrics are a few
years old, and in order to be content, I would have to find new
angles. This is a continuous personal process for me. I always want to
be honest in my performances, honest about myself as an artist and
about the words I sing”.

For future gigs: Haap are now planning more concerts like this.
According to reports, next time, there will be live streaming. And a
slightly different concept for the concert. This could include a full
band or maybe something completely different with have a classical
chamber orchestra with them.

“Autumn Aria – Haap Live EP” and concert videos will be released on
November 26th.
On the same day, the duo is also releasing a new single, “Teared”,
from their upcoming album.

Haap was founded in the summer of 2012. The members are soprano Heidi
Lambach and composer Jørn Lavoll. Haap is primarily a Symphonic Rock
band, but frequently visits other genres.

Haap - Teared -single cover

Haap call their music “cinematic songs” or “symphonic stories”. They
are inspired by film music, world music, classical music and older
church music.

The duo has released seven singles so far, and the debut album will be
out early 2014.




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