Troubled Thoughts

troubled - single coverHaap is releasing a new single now on Sunday the 14th.  Stylistically it is maybe a little departure from our earlier singles. Maybe. I am not really sure. It is definitely not as big and bombastic as “Uena” and “Angeles”, it is perhaps more related to “The Story”.

The idea for the song was triggered by a super cliche 80s el-piano sound. A sound you will recognize immediately when you hear it in the track. You might hate it. You might love it. Or maybe you wouldn’t think twice about it if I hadn’t mentioned it…? But there certainly is an interesting blend of instruments in the song. And that’s what we like 🙂 Hehe.

Including that piano sound made me think about Haap and genre again. What genre are we? I have no idea. We have called our music “cinematic songs”, and we have called it “symphonic rock” etc. I know for sure that we draw a lot of inspiration from where symphonic rock traditionally draws inspiration from: classical music, older church music and so on.  Many of our song certainly have another element from both prog-rock and symphonic rock; we usually don’t follow a very strict verse-chorus- verse-chorus structure.

Oh well, the most important thing for us, is that Haap is a free haven where we can write exactly the kind of music that we love listening to, and also music that is awesome to perform live 🙂

“Troubled” is a song happening as a bride panics right before her own wedding. Then she flees the church. A troubled love story you might say.

On Sunday, we will host a little party and perform a live version of “Troubled”  and broadcast that over youtube. The Youtube video will of course also be available later. Join the party here:

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